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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Reasons to be cheerful

The sun's out and we have a new prince.How good is that !
I am working on some new designs and came up with this for fun. Sort of for the little prince or for your own little prince! :-)

I seem to be best when I don't mean to be too serious and don't try too hard but just goof around.
It took some time to get back into my whole creative stride .The couple of months of hard work doing the house make-over drained me a bit I guess.

So I am only just starting getting back into making, designing and photographing ( and blogging ! ).

I don't have a fancy phone so I can't really take Instamatic pictures, but I've been playing around a bit on pixlr-o-matic

Here are some pictures  I played around with on this free photoeditor :-) It's very enjoyable to play around with vintage effects, you must try it ! You can intensify the colours and add an old looking border and stuff like that.

As you can see from these piccies, I have been farting around with my dogs, my garden and my designs and embroidery.And it's been really enjoyable.

So here's to more celebrating and a little bit more summer.See you later, people!



Friday, 21 June 2013

Does the perfect bathroom exist ?

If you would ask me straight I would say : " No."
But then I am picky .

                                                          picture credit here

Although life's too short to obsess too much about anything , I certainly wouldn't kick the person in the face who would hand me a bathroom like this green one on a plate.
 Or this one.

                                                            picture credit here

But I don't have the budget for any of those any time soon.
And most people are probably , just like me, stuck with a bathroom the size of the inside of your shoe.

This was the bathroom I had for the last ten years- getting that little bit grubbier every year- with bits falling apart and the taps leaking.

So here are some things I did.
I kept the tiles but painted the rest of the wall and panelling white.

 Then my plan was to go for this on the walls.

                                                             picture credit here

Which I stencilled and turned out like this.

"It doesn't do much for me" said my mother in law, when we both leaned back and stared at the wall.
And I had to give it to her, she was right.
Don't you just hate it when that happens.
I chucked some paint together that I had to get a pink , repainted the darn thing, , then plonked the meadow stencil from the bedroom on top.

It was a fluke but I found it much more bearable.
I then got a ladder to use as a towel rail after painting it white.

Got some sheets and stencilled them for curtains.

And then got a freestanding bath on Ebay for not too much money.

Is this my perfect bathroom?
Probably not.But it is a hell of a lot better than it was.
And very pleasant .So it turns out I am just a simple person with simple tastes after all.
Some bubbly and some bubbles and I am happy.

The End.

Have a great week people!



Not goodbye but hopefully till I see you again..

                                                              picture credit here
I know it sounds pretentious but it is true that when some people leave our lives ( - I don't even mean when they die, but when they leave..), they leave a gap and take a bit out of your heart when they go.The French say " partir c'est mourir un peu".( To say goodbye is to die a little).I know this sounds overdramatic. But I am sort of sad this week, as my lovely neighbour has moved .To a whole new life.A different part of the country.Where she always wanted to be.So I should be happy for her and I am.

If you read my blog you will have come across her again and again..presents she left on my front door for my birthday.. like here ..

..and these..

..and this..

The there were the times when she was kind enough to give me things she did not want anymore, like these garden chairs that I did up..

Not only that , but I spend lots of time at her kitchen table where she was full of good advice about life, love and interior decorating :-).

O, yes, I will miss her.And I hope she has a fantastic life in her new house.
" May the wind always be in your back" dear friend!!



Thursday, 20 June 2013

Is life too short for house -make-overs?

I don't know about you, but my house is usually a mess . Books , pets and work everywhere .I usually slap a paint on , hope it will last, then get on with more interesting creative stuff like craft projects and goodness knows what else.
Cooking. Eating. Walking my dogs. Designing .
I am just too busy to paint and clean the outside and to worry about if the bedroom has the right kind of look right now. 

These blue walls which you can see, I had for at least the last 10 years.
But, of course, in the meantime those walls got more and more ropey ( and mouldy) and the curtains weren't that great anymore either.
So when I got a call that my house was so pretty and could people come to take photographs, I really had
to get something going. Like cleaning . Painting.And making curtains and all those other things to make a
room pretty.

Here's some pictures to show you the stuff I did.
 I painted all the walls a sort of beigey ( self mixed ) colour , upholstered a footstool in a matching fabric, and made some  curtains which I designed and handprinted myself

The beige was dull as ditchwater so I decided to stencil something on top of it, inspired by Rockett St George's " Wild Meadow " wallpaper

It helps you to not to slash your wrists out of sheer beigey boredom .

I had some built-in cupboards with some plain white doors which had defeated me for the last then years so did a sort of Orangery style stencil on it.Not sure if this is the perfect solution but it will have to do for now.

I stapled some green-and white ticking around a hideous headboard I found,

.. and painted a blanket box and side table pale green ( also a mix of paints I still had so don't aks me the name of the paint as it's just a fluke ).

Is life too short for house -makeovers ??
It practically always is.But if you hurry and speed up with the painting and don't spend too much time on the whole thing and what -have you, you are pleasantly surprised every morning you wake up.
"Heck" , you think" where the devil am I ? O, crikey it's my own house!" And then you think of the whole day you spend cleaning the walls before you could paint them , turn around in bed once more and try forget  all about that bit .Because that is the part you really don't want to remember .
Anyhow, enjoy  the pictures.I may show some more.

O. and the dogs are certainly relieved it's all over.
Have a great rest of the week, people!



Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Procrastination is good for the soul.

At least that is what I hope. Because today I have done b*gger all and I now feel refreshed as a daisy.
I have some dull cupboards in my  bedroom that I was planning to be doing a make-over on, and as I am on a minimal budget I decided on some decorative painting with scrolls and flower baskets and such stuff. Like so.

 But I became rather stuck.
So today I let it go and played different bedding and things like that , and procrastinated like crazy....

while my dogs made sure the whole shebang here remains messy to keep me suitably relaxed .

They like the old tussle on the bed, and it keeps me distracted and stops me from worrying about what the heck I am supposed to hang over the bed now that the decorative wooden carving I painted looks rubbish where I want to put it.

Why is interior decorating so difficult ?Thank goodness for animal distractions!

You know cats  love cardboard boxes and things that are specifially not for them, like shopping baskets.
So I reckoned placing an old cat bed in a big toy bag would probably work a treat.And I wasn't far wrong.

 Hahaha!You can always count on Thomasina being there when you need her!

 Of course having 2 cats, this inevitably happened..

One-nil I think :-)

 Have a great rest of the week ,people!



Sunday, 21 April 2013

bedroom make-over

I made the best of the good weather this week and did a lot of outside painting of furniture for the main bedroom.Here are some pieces being transformed- an old blanket box, a side table and a decorative piece of wood carving which I figured I could make into the headboard .

Some quick shots of the make-over in progress..

Here are my handpainted curtains ( I still need to make the curtains to the right of the window)- this is when the wall was still painted blue.

 ..footstool make-over..

and an " after" up to now.. - I need the headboard above the bed - still haven't hung it up- and I may do a design or stencil on the wall which I find  a bit dull..- o-well,

and some of the jobs done today..

Have a great weekend, people!!